YPWW Lesson – Repentance

Repentance and The Moral Life

SundaySchool Podcast

  Our Sunday School Lesson for this week focuses on David with the aim of analyzing David’s desires compared with the Lord’s intent. Thought to Remember: What God builds with us endures and what we build without Him does not.

SundaySchool Podcast

The aim of  this week’s lesson will  evaluate ways the Israelites consecrated themselves to receive the Law from a holy, just, and powerful God as we aspire to live lives as befitting servants who obey their God. Thought to Remember: We must come to God on His terms, not our

The Intention vs The Process

Have you ever attended a service and heard a testimony in which the person lays out unfulfilled requests or listed problems with no resolutions. Most testimonies end with “the Lord provided this or fulfilled that” in the person’s life. However, I know some individuals have stories with unresolved concerns that resulted in different outcomes than

Whether marriage has a new revelation compared to yesteryears…

Have our society minimized the sacredness of the marriage institution. This question ponders my mind often as I read about couples ending their marriage after numerous years. Have the meaning of marriage changed? Our educational institution changes every ten years with new innovations toward learning. However, the termination of marriages for new endeavors may lack